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Amazon – Travel Colombia Direct


Amazon known worldwide and with travel partners based in and around the town of Leticia this unique land offers many experiences that go hand-in-hand with the different interests of the visitor.

More than just a border, Leticia and the wider region is home to a multicultural population that represents Colombia as well as Brazil and Peru.

Going deep into the Colombian Amazon is to discover a place where nature, in its purest state, embraces the human soul – we trust you will have a trip to remember and enjoy.


We work in partnership with a highly respected eco-hotel tucked away within the jungle itself; and a well-known family with business interests and private holiday let’s, focused on unique eco-friendly tourism experiences designed and offered to select customers interested in traveling here.


The Colombian Amazon offers many different experiences from Bird Watching, Night Safari Tours, Kayaking and the popular Tour to Puerto Nariño, Tarapotos Lake and Monkey Island. Depending on the amount of time you have available; can also facilitate Amazon Tours to neighboring Peru & Brazil.


Access to the Colombian Amazon is usually via the local airport in the town of Leticia. On arrival we have the necessary staff with transportation to take you to and from your holiday accommodation.


Private Aircraft have access to this region, if needing assistance with this we are ready to assist. We also have the necessary bilingual guides on hand to facilitate your arrival and needs on the ground while exploring this
unique region.



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