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Fishing Cartagena – Travel Colombia Direct

Fishing Cartagena

11 October, 2016

TCD have this year forged an alliance with local fishing expert Freddy S. a native of Cartagena fishing whom helped us with this blog post (also known to Sr. Carlos featured in Fishing International Article/scroll down)! They both remember times when Tarpon, Permit, and Bonefish were common in the shallows around Cartagena – with his charm, extensive local knowledge and unique access to some of the best fishing boats of the city with TCD team we are now actively promoting fishing to national and international travelers from around the globe!

The Offshore “Blue Water” fishing is surprisingly for many first time visitors very good. Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, and Tuna, along with other typical species abound here. The High Season is typical of Central/South America (December-April); the fish abound offshore during these months, but the seas can be rough, not so much from swells, but from wind/waves. The calmer seasons during May-November offer fishermen quieter ocean conditions, with still decent fishing available.

The Boats: typical Offshore Cruiser type Sport fishing boats for the seasoned angler, and efficient “Cigarette” type offshore boats for those that want to cruise the islands in comfort and also try a spot of fishing while exploring in and around the Rosario Islands.Boats have Twin or Triple outboards, but many here like and uses twin inboard jet driven powered boats. These craft are very fast and can run on top of the chop so often encountered in the seas around Cartagena.

Whichever boat you book? When visiting Cartagena or looking for a new Caribbean destination for some fishing contact TCD to book your excursion as with Freddy S. and his skippers you should have a wonderful time.

Online article (information for bloggers to read/source of info for TCD & Freddy S – blog named Fishing Cartagena:


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